Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day Status For Facebook

Mothers Day Status For Facebook : Celebrating Mother’s day isn’t always pretty much honoring moms throughout but additionally respecting the values of women. The spirit of a mom merits reputation for all of the braveness and love proven to her children and consequently merits to be proclaimed in all types of messages and greetings. Some of the various ways that you could display love in your mother are via growing heartfelt messages and showcasing the arena through social media web sites.

Mothers Day Status For Facebook

Mothers Day Status For Facebook

With a lot of friends and social community onboard WhatsApp, it is a great place to show how much you love your mom and what she means to you through a status message. Not only that but you could pass on a lot of WhatsApp messages around and ask people to share it if they find it interesting. This way you could create a chain message linking everyone to participate in the special day.

Mothers Day Status For Facebook

A mother is a person who sacrifices herself gladly so that her children can be safe and sound.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy you are the best mom I ever known and I will keep saying this you need award for being the best mom in the world.

Nothing compares to the abundance of pure, selfless love that a mother has for her children

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.

There is nothing in the world of art like the songs mother used to sing.

When my mother had to get dinner for 8 she’d just make enough for 16 and only serve half.

There is nothing in the world of art like the songs mother used to sing.

Mothers Day Status For Facebook

Mothers Day Status For Facebook

A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.

Though I can never repay you for your love and care, I can’t miss to express my gratitude, love and reverence on this beautiful day of the year! Special Mother’s Day Greetings to my special mom!

You extended your cozy support in spite of being miles away! I knew you understood me when you were silent. Whatever you did was just for my wellbeing and happiness! Thank for you for being a beautiful mother! Happy Mother’s Day Wishes to U!

I may not be expressing my love for you always. I may not be appreciating you always for what you have given me, but my love and adoration for you are always residing in my heart! Happy Mother’s Day!

No matter what I possess and what I gained or what I lost, I was never unfortunate and lost in life just because of your divine presence in my life! Wish you Happiest Mother’s Day!

Dear Mom, you are an amazing mother! You were as stubborn as rock when I felt weak. You were as tender as a flower when I was happy! Wishing you lovely Mother’s Day!

Mother’S Day Special Status For Facebook

Consider including her favorite hobbies, colors, or events in the message that you write, this shows a deep connection to you remembering her favorite things

Always include memories from your childhood, something that made you tear up or laugh out loud that the both of you shared together.

Try to write a post on Facebook about how your mom brought you up, include an important point that changed your life to show your social circle and why you are proud of her.

Mothers Day Status For Facebook

Mothers Day Status For Facebook

Gifting her flowers and giving her a hug the first thing in the morning would make her feel like the luckiest mom in the world. Check :: Happy Mothers Day Wishes

Buying a gift that she always wanted something like a purse, a favorite dress she saw in a shop or maybe just an old fashioned mug with an ‘I Love You Mom’ would do the trick.

Why not just plan a dinner or lunch and plan the day with just the two of you to talk about things and thank her for always being there for you.

Mother Day Status For Facebook In Hindi

सारी रौनक देख ली दुनिया की मगर जो सकून तेरे पहलू में है माँ वो और कहीं नहीं है।

माँ बिना जिंदगी वीरान होती है तनहा सफर में हर राह सुनसान होती है ज़िंदगी में माँ का होना ज़रूरी है माँ की दुआओं से ही हर मुश्किल आसान होती है।

“माँ” तेरे दूध का हक मुझसे अदा क्या होगा, तु है नाराज तो, खुश मुझसे “खुदा” क्या होगा।

मौत के लिए बहुत रास्ते हैं पर, जन्म लेने के लिए केवल “माँ”।

माँ को देख मुस्कुरा लिया करो, क्या पता किस्मत में हज़ लिखा ही ना हो।

जिस घर में ‎माँ की कदर नहीं होती,उस घर में कभी बरकत नहीं होती।

Mothers Day Status For Facebook

Mother Day Status For Facebook In Hindi

मेरी लाइफ में आपके इस अपार योगदान के लिए शुक्रिया माँ।

लबों पर उसके कभी बद्दुआ नहीं होती, बस एक माँ है जो कभी खफा नहीं होती।

ऐ अँधेरे देख ले मुँह तेरा काला हो गया, माँ ने आँखें खोल दीं घर में उजाला हो गया।

दुआ जरूर मांग लेना दोस्तों .. माँ के बगैर कोई घर ना हो .. और माँ कभी उस घर से बेघर ना हो

मैं रात भर जन्नत की सैर करता रहा यारों, “सुबह आँख खुली तो देखा” मेरा सर माँ के कदमों में था।

जन्नत का हर ‪लम्हा ‎दीदार किया था, ‎माँ तूने ‪गोद मे उठा कर जब ‪प्यार किया था !

जब भी कश्ती मेरी सैलाब में आ जाती है, माँ दुआ करती हुई ख्वाब में आ जाती है।

घेर लेने को मुझे जब भी बलाएँ आ गईं, ढाल बन कर सामने माँ की दुआएँ आ गईं।

माँ बाप का दिल जीत लो कामयाब हो जाओगे, वरना सारी दुनिया जीत कर भी हार जाओगे।

माँ है मोहब्बत का नाम , माँ को हज़ारों सलाम , कर दे फ़िदा अपनी ज़िन्दगी …आए जो बच्चों का नाम।

Mother Day Status For Facebook In Hindi

Mother Day Status For Facebook In Hindi

ऊपर जिसका अंत नहीं उसे आसमां कहते हैं , जहाँ में जिसका अंत नहीं उसे माँ कहते हैं।

फना कर दो अपनी सारी जिन्दगी अपनी ‪‎माँ के कदमो में दोस्तों, दुनिया में यही एक मोहब्बत है जिस में बेवफाई नही मिलती।

मेरी ख्वाहिश है की मैं फिर से फरिश्ता हो जाऊँ, माँ से इस तरह लिपटूँ की बच्चा हो जाऊँ।

ऊपर जिसका अंत नहीं उसे ‘आसमां’ कहते हैं, इस जहाँ में जिसका अंत नहीं उसे ‘माँ’ कहते हैं।

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