Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day Prayers Of The People

Mothers Day Prayers Of The People

Nowadays we collect with eager hearts, hungry to your phrase, craving for the enjoyment you promise in love. O God, together we hold a imaginative and prescient of your kingdom, a men and women of prayer and open hearts, a loving physique of Christ keen to learn and eager to share. You bless us, O God, and shine upon us with the mercy of your salvation. And your good Earth has yielded its expand by way of people who have introduced us exceptional blessing.Mother’s Day Prayers Of Intercession

On at the moment of celebrating your love, we elevate to you individuals who have given us existence, those who have adored us, those who have blessed us, and those who have taught us, our mothers. May your blessing pour out upon the girl who gave us delivery, and people lovely, strong ladies of faith who have been mothers to us along our ride

We praise you, O God, to your gift of motherly love, each tender and fierce, both strong and humble, each type and true. Where now we have been so blessed, we provide our grateful praise, for you’ve offered loving arms that have labored so rough in raising us, cared sufficient to right us, blessed us in approaches we can’t have fully referred to as youngsters.Mother’s Day Prayers For Church

We call forth your compassion upon every mom who has unknowingly triggered discomfort and suffering. And, so we elevate to you our moms, so imperfect, also so wounded by using this world.

We bless our mothers these days, it doesn’t matter what they’ve accomplished or left undone. We do that since we feel on your healing, and we consider for your love and we believe that you just love every mother, excellent or dangerous; and we stand together with all moms in solidarity, for all of us are short of your grace. Where now we have failed considering we did not be aware of better, help us to forgive ourselves. The place we now have obvious your face in any lady who has been to us a mom, in her face we now have visible your light and your love and we supply thanks — for where they’ve adored, they’ve saved your phrase and blessed us.
Prayer For Mothers Strength

We lift to you the center of every mom who has watched her youngster die of hunger, each mother who had been a sufferer of abuse, every woman who stands in protest in opposition to an international that massacres her children and renames them “collateral harm.” We elevate to you the prayer of each mother who has ever cherished and lost.

We lift to you our mother Earth. We raise to you our mother Church. We elevate to you, O God, your mom’s heart; and even though we can not thoroughly specific our gratitude, aid every certainly one of us to be your blessing of love, a blessing straight from your coronary heart. Amen.

Nurturing God,

on this Mother’s Day we pause to remember the gifts of mothering.

And as we remember we pause to give thanks for the ways you are a mother to us:

for nurturing us, giving us the guidance and the freedom we need to grow in experience and wisdom

(even if we are sometimes headstrong and make unwise choices);

for comforting us when we are wounded in body or spirit, helping us to heal and be stronger for it;

for believing in and challenging us, calling us to be more than we are, encouraging us to live out our potential;

for giving us the swift kick in the backside that we need at times, not letting us coast, reminding us to keep trying and growing; we offer words of thanks.

Gracious God,

on this day we also give thanks for those on our lives who have been like mothers to us.

Some of them are related to us through blood,

some of them have come into our lives through happenstance,

some of them have been part of our lives for decades,

some of them are new to us,

but many people have nurtured, taught, comforted, challenged, encouraged us.

Without them we would not be who we are,

and so we give thanks for them and all that we have learned from our interactions with them

And yet, in the midst of our thankfulness, we remember…

We remember that there are those for whom Mother’s Day is difficult.

There are those for whom the relationship between mother and child is strained, or difficult, or non-existent.

There are those who are distanced from their mothers, and mothers distanced from their children,

by geography, or illness, or unhealed hurts, or communication failures.

There are those who have said farewell to mothers or children, not to meet again until we join in the life which lies beyond this life.

For all these mothers and children who meet pain or struggle this day we pray for comfort, that they would know they are not alone.

On this day also we remember those who want to be mothers but are unable, or those who still carry the wondering of having given up a child for adoption, or those who wish to know the woman who carried them but never will.

May they too know Your peace.

Mothers Day Prayers Of The People

Mothers Day Prayers Of The People

God of life,

today and everyday we give thanks for the gifts of life.

Today and everyday we also remember the people in the world who know more about curses than blessings.

Today we remember that the roots of Mother’s Day lies in women’s grief at burying husbands and brothers and sons as a result of brutal warfare,

and so we pray for peace and justice throughout the world.

And so in the spirit of those roots we pray today for that time when we live out Jesus’ prayer “That all may be ONE”, for the vision of a truly just society where none are on the outside, for the day when Dame Julian’s words”all manner of thing be well” have come to full fruition.

This we pray in the name of the one who taught about your love, your justice, your hope for the world, Jesus of Nazareth, our rock and redeemer, our teacher and guide, in whose life death and resurrection we find the path that leads to the Kingdom. AMEN.

Prayer for Motherhood

Good St. Gerard, powerful intercessor before the throne of God, wonder-worker of our day, I call upon you and seek your aid. You know that our marriage has not as yet been blessed with a child and how much my husband and I desire this gift. Please present our fervent pleas to the Creator of life from whom all parenthood proceeds and beseech Him to bless us with a child whom we may raise as His child and heir of heaven. Amen

Praying For Your Mother-In-Law

Even if your mother in law isn’t the highest woman on your list, you probably owe her tremendously.  Why?

Because if you have a mother-in-law, then you’re either a man who married her daughter, or a daughter who married her son.  She gave birth to the love of your life.

If you have children, then at some point, you realize these sweet little blessings wouldn’t have come into the world without her.  That makes her pretty darn important, yes?

How do you show her love?  How do you treat her like a priority?  How do you handle conflict or concerns?

Mothers Day Prayers Of The People

Mothers Day Prayers Of The People

I love this example God gives us in Mark about Simon making his mother-in-law a top priority–and the compassionate response Jesus has over the situation.

As soon as they left the synagogue, they went with James and John to the home of Simon and Andrew.  Simon’s mother-in-law was in bed with a fever, and they immediately told Jesus about her.  So he went to her, took her hand and helped her up. The fever left her and she began to wait on them.                                                                                          Mark 1:29-31

The text doesn’t give much more information about her here other than she was in bed with “a fever.”  Was it a deadly fever–as would be suggested by her being in bed?  Or was it just a small fever?

I don’t know.

But…does it matter?

She had a fever.  She was not well.  She was with need.

Simon, an attentive son-in-law recognized the need.  Did he call for a doctor? Possibly.  But that isn’t in this story.

What is in this story?  What was the important part God wanted us to recognize when reading this?  They immediately told Jesus about her.  I mean, think about it. Do you really believe He didn’t already know who she was, where she was, or if she was well?  Of course He knew.

This small story is a beautiful example of Simon’s heart.  He immediately told Jesus about her.

And in Jesus’ compassion, He went to her, took her hand and helped her up.

Friends, our mother-in-law is a gift to us.  And even when she looks like she has it all together, she still has needs.  With sin and sickness in this world, she will indeed get fevers now and then.  Some of them we will never know about.  But some will land her in bed–completely knocked down.

We may or may not need to call upon doctors or others to assist her.  But certainly, we should do as Simon did, and immediately tell Jesus about her–even though He already knows.

I firmly believe He will go to her.  I firmly believe prayers are never ignored, even when we can’t see or hear an answer.

In fact, when we don’t see the answer to our prayers, we should keep praying. Pray harder.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray.  And keep watching for an answer

Mothers Day Prayers Of The People

Mothers Day Prayers Of The People

I encourage you all to make your mother-in-law a priority.  Do the most important thing you can to help her in any way that you can–immediately tell Jesus about her–often.  Is there any way to love someone more?

How do we handle our concerns over our mother-in-laws? See what Simon did–and Jesus’ compassionate answer. Do we forget to do this first?

Are you praying for your mother-in-law?  I would love to hear your encouragement.

I continue to tell Jesus about my mother-in-law.  I know He is reaching for her hand.  And I’m praying that one day, she too will choose to take His hand, be healed of her fever, and get up and serve Him.  I’d love if you added her to your prayers as well.


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